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You don't want to hear this during Surgery. 

Confucious Says...


And a set of tech support jokes (what support really thinks). One-liners.

REAL Newspaper Headlines - Some of these you won't believe

What A Women Really Means when she says....

Corporate Lessons

What A Man Really Means when he says.... 

Wacky Office Definitions  


Management Translations

Wife and Girlfriend Software

Funny and Little Known Facts.

The 5 stages of Drunkenness


Oxymorons - Pretty Funny. "Why ask Why" or "Things that Make You Go Hmm?"
Fun Things to do at the Mall. Fun Things to do at the Office.
Fun Things to do in an Elevator 15 Best Excuses for Sleeping at Your Desk
If These Marraiges Happened...Imagine the names! 13 Signs You're Living in The 21st century
Answering Machine Jokes

25 Lines you may have never heard at work, but rest assured, someone thought them.

You Really Bought a Cheap PC if...

Rodney Dangerfield One Liners

Diet Jokes for Cheaters

Some Real Dumb State Laws

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