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Good List Of Oxymorons

Military Intelligence

Business Ethics

Recent History

Pretty Ugly

Jumbo Shrimp

Freezer Burn

Constant Change

Bitter Sweet

Soft Rock

Concrete Pad

Original Copy

Random Order

Tough Love

Thunderous Silence

Neutral Charge

New Antiques

Congressional Action

Old News

Strong Decaf

Cold Sweat

Small Crowd

Awfully Good

Short Distance

Safety Hazard

Clearly Confusing

Slow Speed

Rap Music

Silent Scream

Honest Politician

Creative Destruction

Postal Service

City Worker

Totally Partial

Sanitary Sewer

Sweet Sorrow

Rolling Stop

Green Consumerism

Genuine Imitation

Mournful Optimist

Deafening Silence

Almost Exactly

Approximately Equal

Real Fantasy

Farewell Reception

Mute Sound

Good Job

Plastic Glass

Alone Together

Civil War

Peace Keeper Missile

Maxi Thins

Male Lady Bug

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