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March planned for July
Real Headlines
In Oregon you can't eat Ice Cream on Sunday
 Dumb State Laws
Jumbo Shrimp,
Honest Politician

More Oxymorons

If a word in the dictionary were mispelled, how would we know?
Why Ask Why

Some Cool Tech Companies

Microsoft Corporation
Adobe Systems
Information Builders

Welcome to the best of free, fun and cool Web Stuff. The site  links to On-line Games, Jokes, Trivia, Freeware, Cursors, Icons, Fun, Software and much more. I've done my best to add some great links, hope you enjoy the sites as much as I do.  Enjoy your visit!

Current Popular Hot Links - A real neat site of an Actress in LA. The site is got some great javascript that's a pleasure to surf. Great set of links there. - Great For humor break on everyday living. - I've spent hours at this site...My favorite is the bowling, but there's tons of more fun

Diet Riot Welcomes You to diet freedom and it's funny too!

And my favorite software sites:

Freeware Home

NoNags Freeware32