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How do I change my ICONS?


The first thing you need to do is unzip the file. You'll need a decompression program for this. Go to or your favorite download site and download and install that. I recommend  using Winzip.

You'll want to create an ICONS folder. 
Go to where you downloaded the .zip file and double click it. 
You'll see all the files and you select extract. Extract them to your ICONS folder.
Then they are ready to use. To change an ICON do the following:

1)Right Click the Icon you want to change.
3)Select the "Shortcut Tab", click "Change Icon...", click "Browse..."
4)Go to you ICONS folder.
5)Where it says "Files of Type", drop that box down and select "All Files"
6)Select the ICON or ICON Library (usually .icl or .dll file types).
7) You'll see them all in a Window, pick the one you want and click OK
8)You've done it, Enjoy changing them as often as you like. Bookmark my site and keep coming back for more. I'm adding a new set every few weeks.


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