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May 23 Thru June 1999

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6-26-99 4th of July Cursors added to my Cursor Site
6-26-99 4th of July Icons added to my Icon Site
6-26-99 Web Hosting - 200 MB $21/month - 400 MB $31/month - Connective Communications offers value added web hosting services. Our hosting packages include private cgi-bin, SSI, secure servers, Real Audio/Video, MS Frontpage and more. We are the only web hosting provider that offers free web site development help
6-22-99 - Get paid for using our discussion forums
6-20-99 Summer Icons added to my Icon Sets.
6-10-99 is a family of websites which includes
                   , CoveredCall.Com and We will
                             soon be adding many other content providers. We offer investment
                             strategies for all types of sophisticated investors.

6-10-99 Internet and Web Icons added to my Icon Page.

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Added Internet Cursors to my Cursor Page


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