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Trivia Game FAQ's


System Requirements

First and Formost
Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Unix, and OS/2 Warp users who are connecting through an Internet service provider and using a late version of either Navigator or Explorer should have no problems.

You need a Web browser that supports Java. We strongly recommend Netscape Navigator versions 3 and higher (preferably version 4.x), Netscape Communicator, or Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 3 and higher.

  Hardware Requirements
You'll need at least a Pentium processor (or a PowerMac) to enjoy the site. We've tried slower machines, and you don't want to.
RAM (Random Access Memory)
If your PC has fewer than about 32 MB or RAM, choose "Light animation" and disable "Play with sound" when you log in to a game. If you have 32 MB of RAM or more, you're good to go.
UPROAR games are full of all sorts of sounds. A cacophony, if you will. If you don't have a sound card, you should get one. Until then, disable "Play with sound" on each game's log-in screen.
You'll need at least a 28.8-Kbps connection to enjoy UPROAR. If your computer is less than two years old, you're probably covered. And if you're connecting from an office network, great!
Monitor Resolution
You should set your monitor for at least 800x600 resolution, and at least "High Color" (16-bit). (For Mac users, that's "Thousands of Colors.") If you're stuck at a lower resolution, turn off your browser's buttons and toolbars to make room.

  Your Operating System
Like we said, if you're using Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Unix, or even OS/2 Warp, you're probably all right.

If you're still using Windows 3.1, you will not be able to enjoy UPROAR, even with the latest browser. We suggest upgrading to Windows 95 or 98.

If you're on a Mac (System 7.x) you will likely have problems, although using Internet Explorer seems to be a little better than Navigator. We have not tested with System 8, but don't hold much hope.

  Your Internet Connection
Most ways of connecting to the Internet, including most Internet service providers (ISPs) and office networks, are more then up to the task. There are two notable exceptions: America Online, and offices with firewalls or proxy servers.  

    America Online

  • If you're running Windows 3.1 or a non-PowerMac, you're out of luck.
  • Uncompress your graphics. In the Members menu choose Preferences and select the WWW button. A pop-up window will appear with a Web Graphics tab. Click on that tab and make sure "Use Compressed Graphics" is NOT checked.
  • If you have other connection problems please contact AOL customer service.
  • If you still can't play using an AOL browser, please try using a different browser.

    Firewalls and Proxy Servers
    Firewalls and proxy servers are security measures designed to keep unwanted kinds of information out of your network.

    Unfortunately, UPROAR might fit into that category. But not to fear; we can fix it.

  • If you access the Internet through a firewall or proxy server, ask your system administrator or service provider to "open ports 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29 for TCP packets." (If you don't understand what you're asking, your sysadmin should.)

  Your Browser
Like we said, we strongly recommend Netscape Navigator versions 3 and higher (preferably version 4.x), Netscape Communicator, or Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 3 and higher.

You also need to make sure that both Java and JavaScript are enabled in your browser:

  • Navigator and Communicator 4.x: On the Edit Menu, choose Preferences, Advanced. Make sure both "Enable Java" and "Enable JavaScript" are checked.
  • Explorer 4.x: In the View menu, choose Options, Security and set it to "Medium" or "Low." Alternatively, you can turn JavaScript on manually here.
    Highly recommended: In the View menu, choose Options, Advanced, Java Settings, and make sure "JIT compiler" is enabled.
  • Navigator 3.x: In the Options menu, choose Network Preferences, Language. Make sure that both boxes are checked.
  • Explorer 3.x: In the View menu, choose Options, Security. Make sure the Enable Java Programs box is checked.

Finally, sometimes Explorer 4.01 users will find they can't click on certain links or banners. This is a known issue in IE4. There is a solution for it, but only for the VERY advanced users. Users must call Microsoft support for help. If you don't fit into that category, you will need to reinstall IE, and send a message to Microsoft for spoiling your fun.

  Other Things
If you have the right computer and browser, your browser is configured properly-and you are still having problems, here are some possible solutions. You'll have to consult your computer's, operating system's, or software's manual or help file for instructions.

  • Clear your browser's cache.
  • Watch for error messages in the status line (the server may be down).
  • Run Scandisk to correct any hard disk errors (Windows users).
  • Make sure you aren't running out of hard disk space.
  • Don't multitask while using UPROAR; Java can have problems.
  • Make sure you have an updated video driver.