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All you ever cared to know about me

I live in St. Louis, and just started the new millenium with a new job working as a web developer for the Law Department at Saint Louis University.

More than anything, I'm using this site as an oppurtunity for me to learn more about the web site development with Frontpage. Up till now, I'd been using whatever tools I could to get my pages published on the intranet. While still maintaining a heavy emphasis on my FOCUS Programs. I still like to do that and Information Builders puts out a great product but have realized it can be utilized as an intranet product. I'd be happy to hear from any other developers who implement FOCUS into any of their web sites. I've done via TSO batch job. Interesed parties can view my resume. Have been working on a lot of java applets,  javascript, and DHTML  and will post my efforts on that in the near future.
Instead of describing me, you can view this pic. It's me with my dog. It's the only scanned one I could find on my PC.
My hobbies include (parks, picnics) but I do like going out on the town in the evenings, following the Blues and the Cardinals, going to karaoke nights, music of all kinds but my favorite is the newer country.

I'd Like to thank Tripod and the Lycos Network for providing me this web Space


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